About me

My name is Mario Schafzahl and I've been a personal trainer for years. I have already supported countless men and women in achieving their personal best in the long term and shown them how they can improve their quality of life and their general health with an optimized lifestyle. 

With over 20 years of training experience and my passionate work as a trainer, I have developed my own philosophy on the subject of training, nutrition, regeneration, etc. over the years. The main thing is to achieve your personal best in the long term in order to then work on athletic proportions for a lifetime and constantly improve yourself. This not only has to include the harmony and interaction of the various muscle groups, but also, for example, the improvement of mobility, endurance, etc. 

With this special lifestyle, it is almost a guarantee that you will feel good all year round, whether summer or winter.

This concept has been with me for almost my entire life and I have continued to develop and expand it and continue to refine additions. Many are already successfully using this lifestyle and my goal is to integrate exactly these methods into their everyday lives for as many people as possible.

The training is based on varied combinations of exercises that will lure you out of your reserves and help you achieve the results you want.

The diet is based on an intuitive approach, so you won't get anything from counting calories or the like. find. We pay attention to your regeneration and the necessary cardio units are not neglected either. Everything is structured flexibly and can be integrated into everyday life. It is time to improve your fitness level and I would be happy if I can help you!

With the discipline and perseverance that I have taken with me from my time as a competitive athlete in the national karate team as well as from business studies and my experience in the fitness sector, not only as a (cover) model, but also as an experienced trainer, I will do my best, to share my philosophy with as many people as possible.